If you guys have any ideas or comments for the stories I have a discussion in the sims forums where you can leave a comment there or message me. 



Alphabet Legacy Challenge

26 generations that fallow the alphabet. 1st gen is A, and last gen is Z. A old family custom gets brought back to life and its challenging everyone. Can people not born into the family accept this or will they turn their backs on the Ramsay family.


H9110 Project 

A strange letter came in the mail for Alanna Holloway that said she had extended jury duty. What happens when that letter was fake and it was actually a way to distribute 100s of alien toddlers all over the world to be studied.


Not So Berry Challenge 

My Second attempt at the Not So Berry Challenge. Last time I made it to where the Rose Generation gave birth to the Yellow Generation and then for some strange reason deleted the game. So join me in this challenge and lets see how far we can go with this different funny family.